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Siding Repair and Replacement

Florida's weather is merciless when it comes to the exterior of your home. The extreme heat alone could cause the siding of your home to crack or even melt. The Roof Doctor, Inc. can help keep your home looking new and unaffected by the extremities of the weather.

Our top-notch siding contractors possess the knowledge and skill set to help select the materials best suited for your home to withstand the natural elements. We will determine if repairs are an option or if a full replacement is needed when we do our inspection. If you have siding, stucco, brick and/or stone, the roof must be water proofed to prevent moisture from getting behind the flashing and into the home. We try to take every measure possible to produce long lasting results.

Vinyl or fiber cement products are generally recommended because of their resilience in the heat. This reduces the need for more maintenance, saving you time and money. Fiber cement typically costs more upfront than vinyl, but the durable combination of cement, sand and wood fiber lasts longer.
Siding - Siding Replacement in Melbourne, FL
Vinyl and fiber-cement products are available in these popular styles:

  • Lap: Long planks are hung horizontally and overlap vertically, the clean lines making this a classic choice for any type of architecture.
  • Shingle: Staggered patterns mirror the look of shingles, adding rugged beauty to traditional architecture. Shingle siding is often used as an accent, but can also be used for whole-house applications.
  • Board-and-batten: Long planks are vertically hung side-by-side, enhancing the visual interest of the architecture.
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