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Roofing Tips and Selecting the Right Contractor

When Does Your Roof Need Repair or Replacing?

The Roof Doctor Inc.'s staff understands repairing or replacing a roof can be costly and time consuming. We try to be as helpful as possible during your roofing experience. Below are a few indicators that your roof needs repair or replacing:

  • Leaking in the interior of your home
  • Watermarks on the ceiling
  • Cracked, curling, broken or missing shingles
  • Damage to the wood under your shingles

What Are the Causes of Roof Damage?

Our years of experience have allowed us to see many types of roofing issues. A roof can be damaged in many ways but the most common ways are:

  • Aging of the roof
  • Water damage
  • Seasonal weather changes

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Contractor?

The Roof Doctor Inc.'s team of professional roofing experts understands that picking a contractor is always a hard decision to make. Below are recommendations when looking for a contractor:

  • Hire only licensed contractors
  • Make sure the right permits are obtained
  • The contractor should be insured
  • Check to see if the contractor has any association or professional references

Should I put on a Metal Roof?
Depending on the pitch, size location and the type of construction, and the desired aesthetic appearance. The homeowner should take into account the anticipated life of the roof; all these should be factors of the roof system used to achieve the final goal.

What are the benefits of stainless steel nails?
The closer you are to the ocean the more important it is to use stainless steel nails. If you going to use a lifetime product, use lifetime fasteners to install it.

Does attic ventilation extend the life of a roof?
Attic ventilation keeps the attic cooler; therefore, extending the life of the roof, the air conditioning system, and could potentially reduce your utility bill.
In this environment ventilation is very important and the best way to achieve it is to use high quality solar powered vents.

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